The shopping experience is often viewed by customers as being tedious due to the amount of time it takes to find items and checkout. In order to create a more enjoyable customer experience, retail businesses can use self-service technology that allows for greater convenience and a faster checkout.

Providing a good customer experience is essential for retail businesses because:

66% of shoppers said that having their time valued is the most important part of their customer experience
59% of customers have stopped shopping at a business because of a bad customer experience

Installing Aivah self-service kiosks will directly address your customers' needs for a faster, more efficient, and more convenient shopping experience. Just take a look at the results you can achieve:

53% of shoppers prefer to use self-service as their checkout method
76% of shoppers said they had a better experience when retail associates were aided by technology

The benefits are clear....

Aivah will help you to improve the customer experience by making it easier for customers to search your inventory for the items they need, check out quickly, make suggestions based on past preferences, and allow customers to place online orders. Aivah also allows employees to spend less time at the counter ringing up customers and more time providing customer service.

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