Aivah is the most advanced self-service technology in the industry. As a web-based application, Aivah is easy to learn and can be configured on any platform, including Android, iOS, or Windows.

A Better Customer Experience

  • Offer an alternative to waiting in long lines   
  • Serve more guests in shorter amounts of time
  • Personalize the customer experience
  • Employees are able to focus more on customer service

Operate your business efficiently

  • Reduce the amount of time employees spend on administrative and manual tasks
  • Reporting tools provide insight into your business's past performance and how to run your business most effectively
  • Decrease the risk of human error when it comes to customers' special requirements and handling payments

Increase your revenue

  • Reduce labor costs - no need to hire and train additional employees for simple tasks 
  • More opportunities to upsell add-ons, upgrades, and special offers
  • Customers are more willing to patron a business if it has self-service

All-in-one solution

  • Software integrations available to customize the kiosk to your business's needs
  • Cloud-based data analytics supplements your marketing and sales efforts
  • Accept payments through the kiosk

Direct Support

  • No third party support, everything is in-house
  • A team that knows all the ins and outs of Aivah
  • Your support is our priority - no awaiting in a queue for answers

Ready to see Aivah in action?