The success of a hospitality business relies on the satisfaction of its customers, so it is essential for the business to keep up with and match guest demands. With Aivah, you can easily address guests' needs for speed and convenience to enhance the customer experience.

Speed and convenience are two of the most valued traits of hotel service by US guests:

Guests from the US have an average wait-time tolerance of 5 minutes.
Exceeding the 5 minute time frame can result in a 47% decrease in guest satisfaction.

Installing Aivah self-service kiosks in your hotel directly addresses guests' needs for speed and convenience and is more likely to create a good first impression of your business. Just take a look at the results you can achieve:

41% of guests are more likely to stay at a hotel if it has self-service options.
85% of check-in activity has moved from manned reception to self-service kiosks when they are available.

The benefits are clear....

With Aivah, you can increase customer satisfaction by implementing a self-service kiosk that guests can use at their own convenience, cut down on waiting times, streamline the tedious check-in process, and allow employees to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on customer service.

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